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Protecting Our Planet: Simple Actions You Can Take from Home

The health of our planet depends on the actions that we as individuals take on a daily basis. The ocean and forests, two of the Earth’s most critical ecosystems, face significant threats from climate change, pollution, and human activities. Fortunately, small changes to our daily routine can make a significant impact in protecting these vital resources.


Here are some eye-opening facts and top tips on how you can help to protect the environment from home today:


Reduce water consumption

By reducing water consumption, we can conserve this precious resource and reduce the amount of water that needs to be treated and transported which in turn reduces our carbon footprint.


Did you know?

Taking a 5-minute shower instead of a bath can save up to 75% of the water used for a bath, which is about 80-100 liters of water. (Source: Waterwise)


It’s also worth noting that turning the tap off while brushing your teeth or shaving can save up to 8 litres of water per minute. If you brush your teeth twice a day, for a total of 6 minutes, that’s 48 litres per day. Or, perhaps even more shocking, 17,520 litres a year!


Use eco-friendly products
Using eco-friendly products helps reduce our carbon footprint and the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, forests, and oceans.


Did you know?
Single-use plastic products can take up to 1,000 years to decompose. (Source: Plastic Oceans UK) and that every year, an estimated 9.4 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the oceans, harming marine life and ecosystems. (Source: Greenpeace UK)


When out shopping, choose products made from sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled paper, or bioplastics and avoid single-use plastic products such as straws, utensils, and water bottles and opt for reusable alternatives instead.


Reduce energy consumption

Reducing energy consumption helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change, and lower your energy bills (something I don’t think any of us will mind at the moment!)


Did you know?
That lighting accounts for about 15% of household energy use. (Source: Energy Saving Trust) and that in the UK, if every household replaced one regular light bulb with an energy-efficient one, it would save enough energy to power the country’s street lights for an entire year?! (Source: Energy Saving Trust)


To help reduce energy consumption try to use as much natural lighting and ventilation as possible. If you haven’t changed a lightbulb in a while, it’s always worth checking and replacing with a modern, more eco-friendly version. Unplugged electronics can also be a massive drain on energy. Making sure that they’re turned off when not in use could save you up to 10% on your energy bills.  (Source: Energy Saving Trust)


Reduce meat consumption
Livestock farming contributes to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and water pollution. Reducing meat consumption and choosing sustainably-raised seafood can help protect our forests and oceans.


Did you know?

That livestock farming accounts for 10% of UK greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: Committee on Climate Change)

You may not want to, or feel as if you can give up meat completely. But why not try to eat once less meat-based meal per week? Eating one less meat-based meal per week for a year can save the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of driving 1,000 miles in a car. (Source: Friends of the Earth)


At Keplar Seach, we are creating a better world. A place where everyone feels a sense of belonging and is recognised and listened to. An environment where both people and wildlife flourish. A world brimming with optimism and potential. Head over to our CSR page to discover our promises and efforts to build a better world through our business practices and charitable giving.

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