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Preserving prime Brazilian rainforest

The primary objective of the Agrocortex REDD+ project is to avoid the unplanned deforestation of the 186,389.66 ha project area, which consists of 100% Amazon rainforest in Acre, Brazil. The project aims to avoid 30,0006 ha of deforestation which equates to 14,507,808 tonnes of CO2e in emissions reductions over the 30 year project lifetime. The project will achieve this by implementing a ban on unplanned logging and other unpermitted degradation within the project area. Additionally, the project will increase monitoring to prevent invasion of illegal deforestation by outside agents and implement training of fire brigades, periodic maintenance of fire extinguishers, and forest machinery to reduce destruction caused by fires in the area. Sustainable harvesting of the project area will also be carried out, including harvesting at a reduced rate, replanting native species, and protecting and replanting rare species such as Mahogany. The long term protection of this area will ensure that unsustainable practices such as clearcutting are prevented from taking place.

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